UVH Universal Valve Holder

Universal rotating valve holder for 4-stroke valves

The ”Universal Valve Holder” is a fuel injector valve holder with five operating positions and adapters for all common Wärtsilä / MAN Diesel / MaK 4-stroke injectors as well as other engine types upon request from workshops worldwide.

It guarantees accurate fixing of the injectors along with easy injector calibration and injector dis-/reassembly and was originally developed for the MaK factories. It has since been adapted for MAN and Wärtsilä factories and workshop facilities.

Valve adapter kits are easily installed on the rotating part of the unit, as well as on the movable test chambre. Here, magnetic nozzle adapter pieces along with the built-in oil mist separator ensures optimal visibility and ensures that no aerosols escapes the test unit test chambre.

The UVH can be used together with a VPUD or a VPA test rig.

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